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Beginning of summertime with EPAM


On July 6th, there was a team-building party specially organized for the EPAM Financial Services team. The employees had a great opportunity to celebrate summertime and enjoy delicious barbecue in one of the best venues near Krakow. All of that spiced up by the DJ music. The purpose of the event was to get the team together, learn more about each other and appreciate a sense of community.

During the event, EPAMers had a chance to watch an amazing horse-riding show, as well as take an active part in other team-building activities such as: charades, sack race, quiz about EPAM and much more!

On top of that, there was also a moment to recognize most involved and dedicated employees such as:

  • Community Managers;
  • EPAM Representatives at Warsaw Hackhaton;
  • Volunteers, who dedicated their time to teach the youngest basics of programing in the
    e-Kids Program.

All of them received small “thank you gifts” as a gratitude of their commitment.