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We have successfully relocated more than 1000 candidates to EPAM Poland from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Brazil, and other countries.
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We invite you to get in touch with us and learn more about our current opportunities. We are growing quickly in Poland and are hiring roles across our teams.

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WHY Poland?

26 days of paid vacations for the people with higher education.

Convenient access to other European cities.

Fast-growing and stable economy.

Financial support for families – a benefit of PLN 500 per month for each child.

Tax benefits related to creative work and mutual taxation with a spouse.

Access to free and private healthcare.

Low cost of living and high quality of life.

Accessible public transport.


Exposure to new cultures and opportunities


Fast-tracked visa process (5-7 working days) and work permit application submitted in parallel, plus assistance for your family


Comprehensive travel and onboarding support


International experience, market-leading customers, innovative projects, plus corporate benefits and buddy program


Our team is committed to making your relocation journey as seamless as possible. Here is some information that may help you:


  1. One-way flight tickets for the employee and the employee’s family or car mileage, insurance, tolls, ferry, and/or hotel en route to destination.
  2. EPAM will cover the fees for three checked bags per Transferee and each family member with an assigned seat. If the airline does not allow purchasing additional luggage items, then the Company will reimburse up to 20kg of excess weight fees per person with an assigned seat.
  3. Transfer from/to airport/railway station is also covered or refunded; the Employee is responsible for arranging this transfer (assistance at the airport is not provided). 

EPAM provides temporary housing at the destination location for 28 days or the first monthly payment for the Employee’s permanent rental accommodation and associated costs (up to a certain amount).

EPAM covers real estate agency fees and/or deposit reimbursed up to 4000 PLN (the Company will reimburse the actual amount).

Visa Support
For foreigners from countries from outside the EU, you need to arrange for a visa and work authorization before arriving and starting at EPAM. EPAM will support you in the procedure of getting a work permit and residence permit (residence card, usually for the period of up to three years).

Work and Residence Permit Support
EPAM works with Immigration Service Provider Move One, whose representative will contact you.

Foreign employees and their family members can receive medical care free of charge in public medical centers (including hospitals) from mandatory monthly contributions from the employee’s salary.

Employees can select an option from the MultiKafeteria benefits platform to enroll in additional private medical care, with a special discount for EPAM employees.


Igli Myrta 

Lead Software Engineer 

I love the quietness of Poland. I have visited many other cities around the world and have almost been deafened by the rhythm of huge cities: loud, over-crowded public places. In those cities I don’t feel relaxed or comfortable during the day, but that’s not how I feel in Poland. It’s also a safe country which is important to me. Lastly, I wanted to be a part of a company with an international presence which is why I chose to join EPAM. 

Aliaksei Hirylovich

Systems Engineering Team Leader

I chose to move to Poland because I had a friend who successfully relocated to Kraków and that encouraged me. When I started working at EPAM, I was surprised how active and interesting the projects are. In my job, I have joined various Assessment Committees to help with hiring across EPAM – this has really widened my network as I get to meet colleagues from other countries, cities and projects. 

Denis Basov 

Chief IT Infrastructure Support Engineer

When you have a family, a free public healthcare system and private medical insurance covered by EPAM are important. Also, I appreciate that Poland is easy to travel to and from, especially within Europe, in terms of cost and visas.  


Have questions?

EPAM has a dedicated relocation team available to help start your journey immediately. A specialist will address all inquiries within 24 hours.

Talent Acquisition Manager


Have questions?

EPAM has a dedicated relocation team available to help start your journey immediately. A specialist will address all inquiries within 24 hours.


Talent Acquisition Manager