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Join Our Python Discipline and Unlock Your Potential


Are you a Python Engineer familiar with pure Python, web and API development, plus data and cloud? Interested in engineering the future? Our Python Discipline could be the next step in your career.

At EPAM, you'll be a part of our community of passionate Python engineers who have the opportunity to work on a variety of customer projects and continuously build their skills using the latest advanced technologies. Join us to create and develop apps in a variety of fields for our projects, including:

  • Full-stack development with web frameworks (Django, Flask) on the backend and React.JS or Angular on the frontend
  • Backend development (SQLAlchemy, SQL and NoSQL, microservices)
  • API services development using AioHTTP, FastAPI and AsyncIO
  • Big data (Spark (PySpark), Hadoop and Kafka)
  • Data science (NumPy, Dask and Pandas)
  • Machine learning (TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn and PyTorch)
  • Serverless computing and cloud-native applications (AWS, GCP and Azure)
  • Chatbots (NLTK and spaCy) 

See how we work

Python is one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages. That’s why we are now hiring developers across Poland with the option to be based in one of our EPAM offices – in Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw, Katowice and Warsaw, or to work remotely.  In supporting your professional development, we’ll work closely with you to determine your next customer project - one that's both most suitable given your experience as well as one that interests and excites you. Sound like something you want to be a part of?

What can you anticipate from Python discipline at EPAM?

  • Join the community of passionate Python developers.  
  • Work in a multicultural and diverse environment. 
  • Contribute to the growth of a variety of industries, including fintech, retail, automotive, healthcare and renewable energy. 
  • Develop your skills and knowledge in Cloud technologies, such as AWS, Azure and GCP. 
  • Boost your career by acquiring new skills and creating a clear professional development plan. 
  • Have the possibility to change projects and domains within EPAM. 
  • Expand your horizons through mentoring sessions and learning programs. 
  • Have the opportunity to be a speaker at international conferences such as GeeCon, Devoxx and Infoshare.

Career opportunities

We are looking for Regular, Senior and Lead Python Developers in all our locations across Poland or to work remotely in various specialties, including:

Creation of an Actionable Data Delivery & Analytics Platform for IHS Markit

Learn how EPAM worked with IHS Markit to reimagine its energy information pipeline so that it could support large data sets and enable cross-functional team insights.

Transforming a STEM Learning Experience

Find out how EPAM’s EdTech expertise allowed Sphero Edu app to quickly dive in and update the platform with new functionality and a vastly improved user experience.

Helping Marathon Oil Create a Next-Generation Cloud Native Data Platform

Explore our cooperation with Marathon Oil on developing a new data platform that delivers the performance, scalability and reliability required. 


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