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Data Science Mentoring Program

This program is designed to help juniors around the world begin their IT career.

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We have created this free online program for talented engineering students interested in an IT career. Data science  is one of the most promising trends in technological development at the intersection of mathematics, programming, and business. With this program, you will discover the interesting and complex world of data science, gain exposure to a technology stack of data analysis and services, and jumpstart your career with a global organization.

If you are an engineering student based in Poland, we invite you to join us.

Four months of intensive training with experienced teachers and mentors

Convenient online format.

Gain technical and practical knowledge and upskill your IT skills


To be eligible  for the program you should be familiar with the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of mathematical analysis (main topics derivative, integrals, maxima of a function)
  • Linear algebra (calculations, matrices, eigenvalues, quadratic forms)
  • Fundamentals probability theory (definition of probability, Bayes, conditional probability, expectation)
  • Statistics (basic concepts, hypothesis testing, parameter estimation)
  • Optimization theory (basic optimization methods and concepts)
  • Algorithms and data structures (basic data structures, sorting algorithms, algorithm complexity)
  • Basics of Python/SQL

Program Details

Registration closes:
December 18, 2021

Program begins:
January 2021


2-3 lessons a week

Program finishes:
May 2021


After completing this program, successful candidates will have the opportunity to continue their career path within EPAM according to their level, skills and available opportunities for future juniors.


The program is designed for technical students and people with basic knowledge of IT and programming.  

The program includes 12 modules which cover the essential problems of data science. This includes basic modules (Engineering, Statistic, Exploratory Data Analysis, Classification, Regression, Time Series) and advanced modules (Neural Networks and Basic Computer Vision, Neural Networks and Basic Natural Language Processing).

Each module consists of online lecture (theory) and a workshop (practice), plus homework and feedback from your mentor. 

EPAM Poland is a leading global provider of product development and software engineering solutions. We think globally but act locally to help our customers build their brands. We believe that better software makes good business sense, and software is made better by a new way of building teams and capabilities that are dedicated to business results.

EPAMers in Poland work with solutions for several industries, including:

  • Financial Services
  • Media, Entertainment & Telecom
  • Business Information Services
  • Retail & Distribution 
  • Software & Hi-Tech 
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Life Sciences 
  • Healthcare
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Manufacturing & Automotive
  • Insurance

Want to know more? Go to EPAM University and learn about the program, selection process and registration form!

The registration is now closed.

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