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Google Cloud Platform - Practice and Certifications at EPAM

We are expanding our Google Cloud Platform Practice at EPAM Poland. Grow your career with us!

Practice Highlights

13+ years of successful collaboration with Google 

GCP Partner from October 2016 

GCP Premier Services Partner from 2018 

North American Breakthrough Partner of the Year Award in 2018 

GCP Reseller from June 2019

Certification Timeline

EPAM currently holds 4 Google Cloud Platform Specializations

EPAM has extensive experience with the Google Cloud Platform, one of the leading cloud providers, from analytics to application development to machine learning. EPAM’s partnership with Google Cloud helps its customers build better, more stable and secure software with accelerated time to market.

Key Facts


Years of GCP Partnership


Trained GCP Engineers and Architects


Professional Certified Specialists


Jointly tracked accounts with Google

Hear From Our GCP Specialists

Cloud technology is getting more popular each day. I’m already keen on cloud computing. In fact, I wrote my master’s thesis about cloud storage security. Even though I have general information about cloud computing, I would like to learn more about a particular cloud platform. Since Google Cloud is popular, I am going to focus on learning and mastering it so I can be bring value to projects which use Google Cloud in the future.

Hear From Our GCP Specialists


Hear From Our GCP Specialists

Given I’m working on supporting GCP Products, these courses and the certification will really help my growth and for me to deliver more value for our customers. Both DevOps and Architect tools are directly linked to my daily work.

Hear From Our GCP Specialists


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Why choose EPAM?

  • Growth. For the second year in a row, EPAM has been recognized as the Top IT Services Company on Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies list, climbing 50 positions to #21 in 2020. We are also a leader in the fastest-growing segment of the IT industry: product development and digital platform engineering in Poland. We have achieved a 10-year revenue CAGR of 31% between FY09 and FY19.
  • Variety. In Poland, EPAM serves 60+ projects related to the Fin-Tech sector. You will work with the various Cloud solutions, including: GCP, Azure, AWS, and more.
  • Upskill. All EPAMers have access to 9000+ trainings through our learning platform.
  • Stability. You will have long-term project involvement with a well-defined career path.
  • Community. We are a welcoming team. We house IT communities on our Community-Z platform, also running no-work communities, sports and social teams.
  • Flexibility. Both core hours and flexible working hours.


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