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Key Automation Anywhere Engineer Georgia or Remote

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Key Automation Anywhere Engineer Description

We are looking for a Key Automation Anywhere Engineer who has a strong background in extending the functionality of Automation Anywhere using .NET and Java.

This role involves developing RPA solutions for the logistics and transportation domain. Our team currently manages over 50 RPA bots and integrates innovative automation solutions into our operations.

This is a fully remote position that offers you the flexibility to work from any location in Georgia, whether it's your home, well-equipped office in Tbilisi or coworking spaces in Batumi and Kutaisi.



  • Automation Anywhere, IQBot, JAVA, .NET, VBScript, Python, SQL, AWS, Kafka, Splunk, REST/SOAP APIs


  • Lead the team of 6 developers, provide guidance and support, and foster a collaborative team environment
  • Ensure the quality of RPA bots and their compliance with coding standards set by the organization and tech community. Establish new quality gates and access existing
  • Lead the team in designing, developing, and testing automations and ensure the solutions are aligned with the company's needs and objectives
  • Drive technical investigation, search new ways of automations, access other tools and approaches
  • Maintain open and clear communication lines with stakeholders. This includes making sure they are updated on project progress, and their questions and concerns are addressed promptly and adequately
  • Hosting demo sessions, tech talks, knowledge sharing sessions
  • Provide technical guidance for resolving complex RPA-related issues and ensure minimal disruptions to business operations
  • Develop custom packages to expand existing functionality of the platform (Automation Anywhere A360)
  • Develop and review SDD according to industry best practices and standards
  • Engineering excellence propagation and code standards development
  • Mentorship


  • Automation Anywhere Skills: Strong hands-on experience (3+ years) in RPA domain and comprehensive knowledge of Automation Anywhere platform
  • In-depth knowledge of Control Room, IQBot, Bot Runner. Ability to design, develop, test, and deploy RPA bots using Automation Anywhere. Experience with expanding out of the box functionality for Automation Anywhere based on .Net and Java
  • Java Development: Proficiency in Java for developing, testing, and debugging code. Understanding of Java frameworks such as Spring Boot
  • Containerization Experience: Hands-on experience with container technologies like Docker. Ability to create, manage, and deploy containers
  • SQL Knowledge: Experience with SQL databases to store, retrieve and manipulate data
  • REST/SOAP APIs: Familiarity with using REST and SOAP APIs that allow communication between different software systems
  • GIT: in-depth knowledge of different approaches to manage branches, resolve conflicts and hands-on experience
  • Knowledge of security best practices and design patterns related, but not limited to RPA, container deployment, and Java development
  • Experience with Agile development methodologies like Scrum or Kanban
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of SDLC
  • Hands-on experience in SAP automation (Python, .VB scripts, RPA development for internal UI-based systems, Terminal based systems

Nice to have

  • .NET Development: Proficiency in .NET for developing, testing, and debugging code
  • Cloud Experience: Prior experience working with cloud platforms(AWS). Experience with services such as AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service) or AWS EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)
  • Familiarity with other RPA platforms like UiPath or Blue Prism

We offer

  • We connect like-minded people:
    • Delivering innovative solutions to industry leaders, making a global impact
    • Enjoyable working environment, whether it is the vibrant office or the comfort of your own home
    • Opportunity to work abroad for up to two months per year
    • Relocation opportunities within our offices in 50+ countries
    • Corporate and social events
  • We invest in your growth:
    • Leadership development, career advising, soft skills and well-being programs
    • Certifications, including GCP, Azure and AWS
    • Unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning, Get Abstract, O'Reilly, Cloud Guru
    • Free English classes with certified teachers
  • We cover it all:
    • Participation in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan
    • Monetary bonuses for engaging in the referral program
    • Comprehensive medical & family care package
    • Five trust days per year (sick leave without a medical certificate)
    • Benefits package (sports activities, a variety of stores and services)

EPAM Georgia is a team of innovators united by a passion for technology. The dynamic and inclusive culture we embrace helps positively impact our communities, clients, and employees. Here you will collaborate with multi-national teams, contribute to numerous cutting-edge projects, deliver the most creative solutions, and have an opportunity to learn. Our people are at the heart of our success, and we are proud to provide talents with a solid ground to develop and grow.

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