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Solution Architect (Commercetools) Australia

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Solution Architect (Commercetools) Description

Job #: 92148
As the Commercetools Architect, you will play a pivotal role in designing and leading the transition of our client's existing monolithic e-commerce platform to a microservices-based architecture using Commercetools. This project is a cornerstone in the client's digital transformation journey and offers an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact on their e-commerce capabilities.

What You’ll Do

  • Architectural Design: Develop a comprehensive architectural plan for transitioning the monolithic e-commerce platform to a microservices architecture with Commercetools at its core
  • Platform Transition: Lead the technical aspects of the transition project, including defining the scope, creating a migration roadmap, and managing the execution
  • Commercetools Expertise: Leverage your in-depth knowledge of Commercetools to design and implement the platform's commerce capabilities, including product catalogues, shopping carts, order management, and customer profiles
  • Microservices Development: Collaborate with development teams to design and develop microservices, APIs, and integration points to create a scalable and efficient e-commerce solution
  • Scalability and Performance: Ensure that the microservices architecture is built to scale, meets performance requirements, and maintains high availability
  • Documentation: Prepare and maintain comprehensive architectural and technical documentation, including design specifications, implementation plans, and best practices
  • Security and Compliance: Implement security best practices and ensure that the platform complies with industry and regulatory standards
  • Collaboration: Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, business stakeholders, and project managers to align technical decisions with business objectives

What You Have

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field
  • 3 - 5 years of hands-on experience in e-commerce architecture and design, with a focus on Commercetools
  • Proven experience in transitioning monolithic systems to microservices architectures
  • Strong expertise in microservices, APIs, cloud platforms, and containerization (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of e-commerce concepts, including product management, cart management, and order processing
  • Experience in security and compliance considerations for e-commerce platforms
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, with a passion for designing scalable and reliable solutions
  • Strong communication and leadership skills to guide and collaborate with cross-functional teams


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Life at EPAM

  • We are a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and development services that has rapidly grown in Australia since 2013. We adopt a global growth strategy, thinking and acting like start-ups, working in multi-disciplinary teams, and delivering results
  • With a multinational talented team, we have been delivering innovative solutions for cloud migration, cyber security, digital transformation, etc
  • You will work in an open and friendly work environment where your professional skills and experience can stand out

How We Hire

  • Apply and tell us about yourself
  • Go through some standard interviews:
    • General interview with a recruiter
    • Technical interview with our technology experts
    • Manager interview or Offer interview with a hiring manager
  • Get ready to join the team

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