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EPAM Without Borders

We have successfully relocated more than 1000 candidates to EPAM Poland from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Brazil, and other countries!

WHY Poland?


The location of Poland is a great convenience for people who want to travel. Fast transport connections mean that you can reach the largest European capitals quickly.


Poland’s northern seaside and mountainous south attract tourists all year round. The climate is attractive to people from different countries thanks to its hot summers and snowy winters.

Economic and political stability

As a member of the EU since 2004, Poland has a transparent legal system. Stability and security guaranteed by membership in NATO and the EU make Poland a reliable, important business partner for foreign investors.

Hub of IT Conferences

Every year, Poland hosts popular speakers and hundreds of users who want to grow and network at major Agile events like the ACE Conference.

Relocation Process


Our team is committed to making your relocation journey as seamless as possible. Here is some information that may help you:


  1. One-way flight tickets for the employee and the employee’s family or car mileage, insurance, tolls, ferry, and/or hotel en route to destination.
  2. EPAM will cover the fees for three checked bags per Transferee and each family member with an assigned seat. If the airline does not allow purchasing additional luggage items, then the Company will reimburse up to 20kg of excess weight fees per person with an assigned seat.
  3. Transfer from/to airport/railway station is also covered or refunded; the Employee is responsible for arranging this transfer (assistance at the airport is not provided). 

EPAM provides temporary housing at the destination location for 28 days or the first monthly payment for the Employee’s permanent rental accommodation and associated costs (up to a certain amount).

EPAM covers real estate agency fees and/or deposit reimbursed up to 4000 PLN (the Company will reimburse the actual amount).

Visa Support
For foreigners from countries from outside the EU, you need to arrange for a visa and work authorization before arriving and starting at EPAM. EPAM will support you in the procedure of getting a work permit and residence permit (residence card, usually for the period of up to three years).

Work and Residence Permit Support
EPAM works with Immigration Service Provider Move One, whose representative will contact you.

Foreign employees and their family members can receive medical care free of charge in public medical centers (including hospitals) from mandatory monthly contributions from the employee’s salary.

Employees can select an option from the MultiKafeteria benefits platform to enroll in additional private medical care, with a special discount for EPAM employees.


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