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Java academy

Accelerate your career with EPAM’s Java Academy in Gdańsk!

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Eager to Sharpen Your Engineering Skills?

The Java Academy program is for people in the early stages of their Java Developer career. This is a unique opportunity to improve your Java skills under the guidance of an excellent coach.

What is EPAM Academy?

EPAM Academy – Mentoring program is our in-house training organization that allows you to learn from our senior experts, as well as other professional trainers. The program will give you the chance to acquire the right knowledge to become a professional software engineer.


We offer a structured, full-time three-month training program

We seek ambitious learners who are looking to grow their skills

We welcome a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives

Java Academy Candidate Requirements

  • Working knowledge of Java or other programming language
  • A minimum six months of experience in an  IT development project, visible contribution to open source, or a portfolio of pet projects demonstrating the knowledge and understanding of Java
  • Good spoken and written English - B2 or higher
  • Full-time availability (40 hours per week)

Candidate Selection Process

  1. EPAM Talent Acquisition Team receives a CV in English
  2. Selected candidates have three days to complete an online Java test that lasts 90 minutes
  3. General interview with a recruiter and the selected candidates is scheduled
  4. Full-day, in-person assessment is conducted

Java Academy Activities

  • Introductory lectures
  • Solo coding tasks
  • Testing
  • A group coding project
  • Introduction to network, protocols and infrastructure
  • A final, solo project

Selected candidates will be hired at EPAM as Junior Java Developers on a full-time employment contract. The salary will be adjusted based on your experience and technical evaluation results. You will also be paid during the training period.

As an EPAM Software Developer, you will have the opportunity to interact with skilled engineers worldwide, get acquainted with various industries and domains and work with modern technologies.

EPAMers in Gdańsk focus on delivering reliable, scalable and flexible components to the IT landscape, and integrate these technologies with the existing systems, emphasize online processing and leverage the synergies for several industries, including:

  • Financial Services 
  • Business Info & Media 
  • Retail & Distribution 
  • Software & Hi-Tech 
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Manufacturing & Automotive
  • Insurance

Paweł Kierat is a Senior Training & Development Specialist, who started programming 25 years ago – does anyone remember C64? When he first broke his PC, he discovered that the key to understanding the world is the ability to stay curious and make mistakes.

Paweł Kierat

Senior Training & Development Specialist


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!